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RocketNode offers a large variety of popular game hosting solutions, check out all of the games we currently offer.

Minecraft Server Hosting game logo

Minecraft Server Hosting

Starting from $3.25/mo
FiveM Server Hosting game logo

FiveM Server Hosting

Starting from $6.50/mo
Rust Server Hosting game logo

Rust Server Hosting

Starting from $16.85/mo
ARK Survival Evolved Server Hosting game logo

Ark: Survival Evolved

Starting from $24.65/mo
Arma 3 Server Hosting Packages game logo

Arma 3 Server Hosting

Starting from $6.75/mo
Garry's Mod Hosting Packages game logo

Garry's Mod

Starting from $6.25/mo
Palworld Server Hosting game logo

Palworld Server Hosting

Starting from $16.50/mo
Unturned Server Hosting game logo


Starting from $5.95/mo
Counter Strike 2 (CS2) Server Hosting game logo

Counter Strike 2 Hosting

Starting from $6.50/mo
Valheim game logo


Coming Soon
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