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Rust Server Hosting

Starting from $12.75/mo

Immerse into our lightning-fast and secure Rust Hosting for endless roleplay adventures on our optimized game hosting. Scalable, Powerful, & Affordable.

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This server includes:

  • 5 Server Locations
  • 24/7 Support
  • SFTP Access
  • RocketGuard
  • NVME Storage
  • Premium Tier CPU
  • 3 Databases
  • Off-site Backups
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RocketNode's exclusive DDOS Protection platform allowing your community to stay protected with top-tier protection firewalls along with advanced mitigation, we assure a smooth experience

24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 support online and via our discord platform. Our unique approach to service support allows our clients to feel reassured when encountering a server error. You know we are here for you.

Cloud Backups

RocketNode uses the most redundant cloud backup provider, this assures redundant data storage for your backups. We offers up to 3 rotating backups on any of our game hosting services for no additional cost.

Look Inside Our Panel

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Rocket Panel

At RocketNode we have spent a lot of time developing and improving our game panel. Our goal was to make managing your game server as easy as possible through an advanced interface and addons.

What is Rust Hosting?

Rust is a multiplayer only survival game available on Windows and macOS. Rust is a survival game where the objective is to survive the wilderness, gather material or stolen materials while also trying to manage your health, thirst and hunger. A great and enjoyable multiplayer game to play with your friends and with multiple activities to enjoy.

Rust is an open world environment where the main goal is to survive while there are plenty of threats such as wolves, bears, zombies and other online players. You can use various objects and items to collect materials and build a base or raid a base. The nostalgic and realistic weapons bring both competition and uniqueness within the game and also the opportunity to craft weapons like guns, ammo, bows etc.

With high levels of graphics, gameplay and smoothness you can make your gameplay on rust resemble reality. Rust has a very configurable settings option which makes it smooth to play on, no matter the specs either way your enjoyable experience with friends or a huge community while playing rust will be the next level.

Rust Hosting at RocketNode allows you to take full control and empower your community with our amazing Rust Hosting solutions. Rust is a constantly growing game and we are here to provide you with affordable, reliable, and efficient hosting solutions with the best support team in the industry.


So this worker helped me out when no

So this worker helped me out when no one could, if not him I wouldn't of fixed my EUP his also very polite and kind. Tez L. Kingtez2302#7280.
May 2023

I love it!

We have been using RocketNode Hosting for some time now. It is an amazing server hosting service!
Better Carolina Network
Apr 2023

matt M is a very good helper

Matt M. was so much help he got into a call with me and explained step by step on how to fix my problem and he helped me install poetry so its easier to instlal moduals/packages over all 10/10.
Mar 2023