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Excellence in hosting
since 2020

RocketNode Hosting was created on the foundation of providing the consumer market enterprise grade hosting solutions, but at the consumer price point. For the past few years we have been able to offer clients affordable pricing for commercial grade hardware, while maintaining one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry.

Meet The Team

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Lane R.
Chief Executive Officer

Lane has a large entrepreneurial background and is one of the founders of RocketNode, he was most notably responsible for the succesfully transition from solely commercial products to a global game hosting marketplace.

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Maddox L.
Managing Director

Maddox has been working alongside RocketNode for two years, and has worked his way up from an operations manager to overseeing our global operations. Maddox is highly skilled in Infrastructure and continues to innovate for the company.

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Adam R.
VP of Operations

Adam has been in the Minecraft sub-industry for over 5 years and was recently brought on to oversee RocketNode's large Minecraft expansion. Adam is a vital part of RocketNode's continued success.

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Matt M.
VP of Infrastructure

Matt has been working within the Infrastructure field for over 7 years and is responsible for RocketNode's Infrastructure. Matt is heavily involved with overseeing all 5 of our global datacenters.

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Dean G.
Operations Manager

Dean was brought onto the team as a support operator in late 2020, since then Dean has proved his extensive knowledge within the game host field and has continued to grow his career within RocketNode.

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Lewis B.
Support Specialist

Lewis was brought onto the team as a support operator in October 2022, Lewis goes above and beyond while helping clients and proceeds to be one of our top performers month by month.

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Bobby B.
Support Specialist

Bobby was brought onto the team as a support operator in October 2022, Bobby has a lot of experience on our platform and excels with his knowledge of our game panel

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William D.
Support Specialist

William was brought onto the team as a support operator in November 2022, William has proved himself to our team by providing extensive knowledge of numerous games on our platform.