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Excellence in hosting
since 2020

RocketNode Hosting was created on the foundation of providing the consumer market enterprise grade hosting solutions, but at the consumer price point. For the past few years we have been able to offer clients affordable pricing for commercial grade hardware, while maintaining one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry.

Meet the Team

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Lane Romano

Chief Executive Officer

Lane has a large entrepreneurial background and is one of the founders of RocketNode, he was most notably responsible for the succesfully transition from solely commercial products to a global game hosting marketplace.

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Matt Malec

Chief Operations Officer

Matt is a driven leader in infrastructure and brings a decade of experience to RocketNode with extensive research to create for the innovative and effective solutions for the hosting market.

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Kelly Romano

Chief Financial Officer

Utilizing her expertise in finance controlling, Kelly has been instrumental in propelling RocketNode forward through her adept management of the company's financial resources.

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Lewis Tierney

VP of Engineering

Leveraging his expertise in infrastructure management, Lewis has significantly propelled RocketNode forward through his adept handling of the company's vast infrastructure.

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Teodor Lazarovici

VP of Marketing

Teodor is armed with a strong marketing management background, and has greatly contributed to RocketNode most prominently by managing global partner relationships with content creators.

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Logan Simon

Marketing Manager

Logan's outstanding leadership in Partnership Relations and marketing has been crucial in optimizing our processes and elevating efficiency. His strategic approach consistently propels our organizational success to new heights.

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Matt Woodworth

VP of Operations

Matt Woodworth's impactful leadership in operations has been vital in streamlining our processes and enhancing efficiency. His strategic approach continually propels our organizational success forward.

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Nuno Anacleto

VP of Client Success

Nuno's expertise in Support Management, extensively at Blizzard, has streamlined our operations and fueled growth. His commitment to client success remains a driving force in our continued achievements.

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Stefan Caki

Operations Manager

Stefan specializes in ensuring seamless hosting services for our clients. His dedicated focus on operational efficiency ensures that our clients experience consistently smooth services.

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Shawkat Abdelhaq

Client Success Manager

Shawkat's expertise sprouts in client relations, with over 5 years of experience operating a large marketplace he's made a career change and is taking his expertise to RocketNode where he will be responsible for thousands of clients.

Our team is evergrowing

We are always looking for new talent to join our team. If you are interested in joining our team, please take a look at our job postings or get in touch through our contact page.

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Cosmin T.

Content Manager

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Muneeb R.

Senior Support Specialist

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Usman S.

Senior Support Specialist