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You can join our Affiliate Program to earn passive income by referring new customers to RocketNode or apply for a Special Partnership for extra perks like free merch. Get rewarded for your efforts with our lucrative 3-tier system and benefits!

$5 Welcome Bonus

Get a head start on your affiliate journey with a $5 welcome bonus when you sign up for our program.

Valuable Rewards

Earn valuable server credits and cash bonuses for your referrals, providing you with passive income opportunities.

Exclusive Discord Roles

As you progress through the tiers, you'll unlock new Discord roles within our community.

Affiliate Program Tiers

Tier 1 (10 referrals)

  • 4GB free server credit (1 month)
  • Priority RocketFast support
  • Custom Discord role

Tier 2 (25 referrals)

  • $10 cash bonus
  • 3-month server credit
  • 5% Commission Increase

Tier 3 (50 referrals)

  • $50 cash bonus
  • 6-month server credit
  • 10% Commission Increase

Special Partnership

For creators

Looking for more?

You can also become a RocketNode partner for many more benefits including special affiliate monetization, free merch, free services and more!

Rewards are not given out automatically
Rewards are claimable via Discord ticket.