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FiveM Server Hosting

Starting from $6.50/mo

FiveM server hosting that is fast and powerful DDOS protected, so you can roleplay with your online community. Scalable, powerful and affordable at $6.50 per month. Scalable, Powerful, & Affordable.

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This server includes:

  • TxAdmin Manager
  • Framework Installer
  • SFTP Access
  • RocketGuard
  • NVME Storage
  • Premium CPU
  • Subuser Manager
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
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RocketNode's exclusive DDOS Protection platform allowing your community to stay protected with top-tier protection firewalls along with advanced mitigation, we assure a smooth experience

24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 support online and via our discord platform. Our unique approach to service support allows our clients to feel reassured when encountering a server error. You know we are here for you.

Cloud Backups

RocketNode uses the most redundant cloud backup provider, this assures redundant data storage for your backups. We offers up to 3 rotating backups on any of our game hosting services for no additional cost.

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Our Panel

We offer global accesspoints to our services to assure high quality and efficient services world-wide.

Rocket Panel 🚀

At RocketNode we have spent a lot of time developing and improving our game panel. Our goal was to make managing your game server as easy as possible through an advanced interface and addons.

Why Use Our FiveM Hosting?

RocketNode offers extremely customizable FiveM Server Hosting, allowing you to create your own server with one click of a button. Our easy to use control panel allows you to easily setup and modify your FiveM Server. If you are tired of trying to find a reliable provider for your community, start building at RocketNode today!

There are thousands of scripts and configurations available to install to your server easily. You can also install custom frameworks with a click of a button such as ESX and QBCORE to enhance your roleplay experience. Hosting an FiveM Server has never been easier. Let us deal with the technical stuff as you game on!

FiveM Server Hosting at RocketNode allows you to take full control and empower your community with our amazing FiveM Server hosting solutions. FiveM is a constantly growing game and we are here to provide you with affordable, reliable, and efficient hosting solutions with the best support team in the industry.

How To Set Up FiveM Server Hosting Walkthrough Video

How To Set Up FiveM Server Hosting Walkthrough

Step 1 Acquire Your FiveM Server Hosting Package

Go to RocketNode.com and click on FiveM Hosting. Choose the FiveM Hosting Package that fits your needs, keeping in mind the number of players you are expecting to play. Choose the hosting location that's closest to your players for the best performance. Complete the checkout process and receive access to your control panel in the welcome email.

Step 2How to Setup Your FiveM Keymaster License

Visit Keymasterfivem.net to obtain a license key for your FiveM Server. On Keymasterfivem.net, go to "Register a new server" and create a display name for your server. To get the IP address, switch back to your RocketNode control panel, and look for the globe in the top center of the screen. Your IP is a set of four numbers separated by dots and ending at the colon; the number after the colon is your port number; you don't need that. Copy your IP address switch back to Keymasterfivem.net, and paste your IP in the "Initial server IP address" field. For Server Type, click the drop-down and select "VPS", in the Server Provider field, and enter "RocketNode". Click the captcha "I'm not a robot" box, and then click the "GENERATE" button. When the screen reloads, your license key is in the center of the screen. Click the"COPY" link to copy your license key. Switch back to your Rocketnode control panel. In the lower part of the left-hand menu, look for "STARTUP" and click it. When the screen reloads, look for the "VARIABLES" section near the upper left-hand part of the page, under "FIVEM LICENSE" remove the default "changeme" text, and paste your license key in the field.

Step 3Changing the Maximum Number of Players

When you start your server by default it's only going to allow a maximum of 20 players, if you want to change the number of players look in the lefthand sidebar for a link labeled "File Manager" and click it. On the next screen in the center panel scroll down near the bottom of the list look for a link labeled "server.properties" click it. On the next screen scroll down and look for the line with "21 Max players", change the number to to whatever you want (maximum 1000 players). Scroll back up to the top of the page and on the right hand side of the page look for a bright blue button labeled "SAVE CONTENT" and click it. In the lefthand sidebar click the link that says "CONSOLE", on the main console page look for the green button in the upper right labeled "START" and click it to start your server. It may take up to a minute for your changes to take effect.

Step 4How to Add Scripts to Your FiveM Server

If you want to add scripts to your FiveM Server, go to the "SERVER MANAGEMENT" section of the left-hand menu and click on "FILE MANAGER" near the top of the list. Switch to the folder on your computer where you have the ZIP file you want to upload. You can DRAG-AND-DROP the ZIP file in the "/home/container/" section in the middle part of the page, or you can use the "UPLOAD" button in the upper right-hand side of the screen. Once your file is uploaded, click on the file and "UNARCHIVE" it. Once the file is unarchived, you can remove it by checking the box next to the filename and then clicking the "DELETE" button at the bottom of the screen. Locate the folder you just unarchived in the center panel and then click the three dots on the far right for that folder. When the dialog box pops up, click rename, click your mouse into the field with the name of the folder, and copy it. Click the "X" in the upper right to close the window. In the main center panel, look for server.cfg and click it to edit the file. When the editing screen for server.cfg reloads, look for the section labeled "#These resources will start by default" and locate the last line that starts with "ensure." Hit return to create a new line. On the new line type "ensure" followed by a space, and then paste the name of the folder you copied. Click the "SAVE CONTENT" button on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

Step 5Starting Your FiveM Server

Switch back to the main Rocketnode control panel, in the upper right-hand side of the screen are two buttons to"START" or "RESTART" your FiveM Server. It may take up to 5 minutes for your server to complete the startup process.

FiveM Frequently Asked Questions

How many player slots can I have for my FiveM Server?
The number of player slots is capped at 48 by the FiveM Licensing System. Refer to FiveM's Patreon to increase player slots above this. Our FiveM Server Hosting packages do not impose limits on the number of players.
What frameworks do you support for FiveM Server Hosting?
We support a wide range of popular frameworks. We have premade installers for ESX, QBCORE, and vMenu frameworks. If you need a different framework, contact our support team for more information.
How robust is your DDoS protection for FiveM Servers?
Our FiveM Server Hosting comes with tailored DDoS protection, offering a robust shield of up to 17TBPS. This ensures that your server remains online 24/7, unaffected by potential threats.
How often do you update the FiveM version?
Our FiveM Server Hosting packages include an automatic updater, which you can choose to turn on or off. This ensures your server always runs on the latest FiveM artifacts version automatically.
Do you offer TxAdmin with your FiveM Server Hosting?
Yes, we provide TxAdmin with our FiveM Server Hosting packages. This ensures that you have comprehensive and full control over your server at all times.


He was quick and fast to respond

He was quick and fast to respond to my ticket, And very very very respectful and professional.
Sep 2023

RocketNode Is really great

RocketNode Is really great, must use! Muneeb R was awesome with my support, as well with all of the other RocketNode support team.
Jul 2023

They are amazing

They are amazing, helped with everything i needed help with, Very Very Friendly and just outstanding, 100000% Happieness. Tez worked with me and did amazing.
Caden Hunter
May 2023

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