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DayZ Hosting

Starting from $8.75/mo
Elevate your DayZ Hosting experience on our robust network, with seamless support and instant server deployment. Scalable, Powerful, & Affordable.
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This server includes:

  • Stable & Experimental Support
  • DayZSA Launcher Support
  • RCON Dedicated Port
  • RocketGuard
  • NVME Storage
  • Premium CPU
  • Subuser Manager
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
Experimental and Stable versions of DayZ are both supported.
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Most Loved Features


RocketNode's exclusive DDOS Protection platform allowing your community to stay protected with top-tier protection firewalls along with advanced mitigation, we assure a smooth experience

24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 support online and via our discord platform. Our unique approach to service support allows our clients to feel reassured when encountering a server error. You know we are here for you.

Cloud Backups

RocketNode uses the most redundant cloud backup provider, this assures redundant data storage for your backups. We offers up to 3 rotating backups on any of our game hosting services for no additional cost.

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Our Panel

We offer global accesspoints to our services to assure high quality and efficient services world-wide.

Rocket Panel 🚀

At RocketNode we have spent a lot of time developing and improving our game panel. Our goal was to make managing your game server as easy as possible through an advanced interface and addons.

What is DayZ Hosting?

DayZ Hosting at RocketNode offers you the opportunity to empower your gaming community with our exceptional hosting solutions tailored for both Experimental and Stable versions of DayZ. DayZ is a thrilling survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world and challenges players to navigate through harsh environments, scavenge for resources, and fend off threats to survive.

Our DayZ Hosting ensures affordability, reliability, and efficiency, supported by our industry-leading team. Whether you're exploring the Experimental or Stable version of DayZ, our platform offers seamless performance and adaptability to match your needs.

DayZ presents intense survival gameplay, challenging players with zombie encounters, vast landscapes, and dynamic interactions. With RocketNode, customize your DayZ experience with mods and plugins, enhancing gameplay and social enjoyment. Experience ultimate DayZ Hosting with RocketNode, taking control of your gaming journey from start to finish.

What Our Clients Say

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  • "I’m extremely happy with the outcome of my issue and how quickly and professionally Muneeb R. was to resolve the issue. I 100% will be recommending RocketNode to everyone that is having issues with other providers."

    Ben Mcdonald

  • "Although truly beginning a novice to hosting, Nuno was extremely helpful, patient, and reliable with me. He also helped me learn a few things while doing so. Nuno I want to personally thank you again for your help."

    Lance L

  • "Normally I don't go out my way but RocketNode deserves some love. They've made it very easy and convenient for my team to get our server on point. The support team is very patient and understanding of my problems."

    EyeAmGoon Ent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of DayZ do you support?
Currently at RocketNode we offer both DayZ Standalone and also Experimental versions with the same quality features, you can choose which one you prefer to build your server with at checkout.
Can I install mods on my DayZ server?
Yes, with our DayZ servers you can build your desired server as you prefer, you can build a Vanilla DayZ where surviving is challenging or you can add your preferred Workshop Mods and create a whole new surviving experience for your players.
Will my DayZ server be visible on the Launcher for other players to join?
Yes, after you setup your server you’ll just need to head over to DZSALauncher and check your server by adding your Server IP and Steam Query Port, after 5 minutes your server will be visible to all the DayZ community and easily searchable.
Are the new map updates and game version updates supported?
Your server will always be up-to-date with the automatic update feature, you can also use the new Livonia map which is supported as well. Expanding the possibilities for what your server can be. You can select an old-school DayZ experience on Chernarus or begin a new adventure on Livonia.
Do you offer RCON support?
Yes, our DayZ servers have a dedicated port for RCON to assist you with managing your server with all the tools at your disposal.

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