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Minecraft Server Hosting

Starting from $3.25/mo

Elevate your Minecraft Hosting experience on our robust network, with seamless support, instant server deployment and the ability to customize the server to your liking. Scalable, Powerful, & Affordable.

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Pick Tier One plan by GB

This server tier includes:

  • Plugin Manager
  • Version Manager
  • Modpack Manager
  • 1TBPS DDOS Protection
  • SFTP Access
  • Resource Stats
  • Subuser Manager
  • Unmetered Bandwidth

Most Loved Features

Plugin Installer

Our panel comes with an advanced Plugin Installer. Our Plugin Installer allows you to 1 click install a wide variety of Spigot and Bukkit plugins to enhance your server experience.

Version Changer

With our Version Changer you can easily switch between MC Versions, you can not only easily change your server version, but also switch your server type from for example Vanilla, to Bukkit or Spigot.

Mod Manager

Make your Minecraft experience more enlightening with our Mod Manager. The Mod Installer makes installing these mods easier so you can enjoy your server faster and less stressful.

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Our Panel

We offer global accesspoints to our services to assure high quality and efficient services world-wide.

Rocket Panel 🚀

At RocketNode we have spent a lot of time developing and improving our game panel. Our goal was to make managing your game server as easy as possible through an advanced interface and addons.

Modpacks Supported

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At RocketNode we don't only support Spigot and Bukkit, but we also support many other Minecraft Softwares and even Crossplay. Through our Version Changer you can easily switch between these types.

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How To Setup A Minecraft Server Video

How To Setup a Minecraft Server Walkthrough

Step 1 Aquire Your Minecraft Server Hosting Package

Go to RocketNode.com, select Minecraft Server Hosting, select the number of gigabytes you want for your server, and complete the Check Out process.

Step 2How to Change Versions, Install Modpacks and Starting Your Minecraft Server

Go to the login in the upper right corner of the page, click on it and then click game panel. In the top part of the page, look for "Find your server" and click on it. In the upper right hand side of the page you will see a green button labeled "START YOUR SERVER" click it, this will start with the newest version. Or if you want to be able to have plugins, scroll to the lower lefthand sidebar of the page, look for the link labeled "Version Changer" click it, and then select the version you want to use. If you want to install a modpack, scroll to the lower lefthand sidebar and look for a link labeled "Modpack Installer" and click it, look through or search for the modpacks you want to add.

Step 3Changing the Maximum Number of Players

When you start your server by default it's only going to allow a maximum of 20 players, if you want to change the number of players look in the lefthand sidebar for a link labeled "File Manager" and click it. On the next screen in the center panel scroll down near the bottom of the list look for a link labeled "server.properties" click it. On the next screen scroll down and look for the line with "21 Max players", change the number to to whatever you want (maximum 1000 players). Scroll back up to the top of the page and on the right hand side of the page look for a bright blue button labeled "SAVE CONTENT" and click it. In the lefthand sidebar click the link that says "CONSOLE", on the main console page look for the green button in the upper right labeled "START" and click it to start your server. It may take up to a minute for your changes to take effect.

Step 4Sharing Your Minecraft Server

In the top part of the page, to the left of the green "SAVE" button is a small globe and your server's IP address, select and copy your IP, then switch back to your Minecraft screen and look for the field that says "this is my server" and paste in your IP address that you copied, go ahead and check "YES".

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Minecraft versions do you support?
We support every version of Minecraft. We offer an easy installer for every Minecraft version between 1.2.5 and Minecraft 1.20.1! If we don't have your requested version available for installation, feel free to reach out to our support team to get it set up on your service.
What Minecraft server types do you support?
We support most available server types for Minecraft. Our most commonly utilized server types are Spigot, Bukkit, or Paper for servers with plugins. Forge or Fabric for servers that have mods installed, or BungeeCord for multiple servers linked together.
Do you offer prebuilt, easy-to-install Minecraft modpacks?
Yes! We offer a selection of the most popular modpacks that can be easily installed using our 'Modpack Installer' option in the game panel! If we don't have your requested server type, our support team would be more than happy to get you set up!
How easy is it to install Minecraft plugins?
By using our 'Plugin Installer,' you can easily install plugins to your server without breaking a sweat. Alternatively, we offer full FTP access to your server, where you can install plugins easily!
Is it possible to host a Minecraft custom modpack?
Definitely! If you've crafted your own unique modpack, RocketNode gives you the tools to host it. You can upload your custom modpack and enjoy a tailored Minecraft experience with your friends or community.

What is Minecraft Hosting?

Minecraft Hosting at RocketNode allows you to take full control and empower your community with our amazing Minecraft hosting solutions. Minecraft is a constantly growing game and we are here to provide you with affordable, reliable, and efficient hosting solutions with the best support team in the industry.

Minecraft is an open-world sandbox game where players mine for ores, build shelters, and fight off mobs that approach during the night. Players are challenged to survive and explore the landscape of the game.

In Minecraft some of the things you can achieve include fighting the Ender dragon, along with going to the Nether. Along with Vanila Minecraft there is an array of mods and additional plugins you can add to enhance your experience with friends.

What Our Clients Say

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  • "I contacted support about an issue, solved within 5 minutes. Usman T is very helpful and gets right to the point."

    Daniel Twine

  • "Usman T was super helpful with figuring out if my bill was indeed paid."

    dre Wells

  • "Big Up's to the support team! Normally I don't go out my way but RocketNode deserves some love. They have made it very easy and convenient for my friends and I to get my server on point. The support team they have set up is very patient and understanding of my problems. Thank you RocketNode."

    EyeAmGoon Ent.

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