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Published September 28, 2023       3 minute read

What is Bungeecord?

BungeeCord: Build expansive Minecraft networks with interconnected servers, seamless player transitions, and unlimited scalability.

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In the world of Minecraft, the possibilities for creative expression and multiplayer experiences are vast. Sometimes, those experiences might outgrow the capacity of a single Minecraft server. This is where BungeeCord comes into play, offering an elegant way to connect multiple servers and manage players moving between them.

What is BungeeCord?

BungeeCord isn’t a Minecraft server in the traditional sense. It’s a specialized piece of software that acts as a proxy, a bridge between your players and multiple Minecraft servers. Consider BungeeCord to be the central hub in a network of interconnected servers.

Why Use BungeeCord?

Here’s where BungeeCord shines:

When a player connects to your BungeeCord network, they don’t actually join a playable Minecraft world immediately. Instead, they’re greeted by the BungeeCord lobby. From there, they can choose the specific Minecraft server they want to play on. BungeeCord seamlessly handles the connection switch in the background.

Uses for BungeeCord

Alternatives to Bugeecord


BungeeCord is a powerful tool for taking your Minecraft server setup to the next level. If you seek to connect multiple Minecraft servers into a unified experience, improve scalability, or simply create a more dynamic gameplay landscape for your players – BungeeCord is well worth exploring.

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