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Published June 28, 2024       3 minute read

Rust Puzzles Guide: Green Card

This guide details the locations of Green Cards in Rust and provides strategies for obtaining them efficiently from various monuments.

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The Green Card is the first of the three key cards in Rust, followed by Blue and Red. This card can be found in several T0 monuments, including the Abandoned Supermarket, Oxum’s Gas Station, Lighthouse, and Junkyard. Obtaining the Green Card allows you to access special rooms in T1 monuments, where you can find better loot and Blue cards.

In this guide, you will learn how to obtain the Green Card from each of these monuments.

Oxum’s Gas Station

Oxum’s Gas Station is a popular spot with a green card and recycler. The green card can be found in the office room, on the desk, while the recycler is located in the garage. Be cautious, as this area can be a hotspot for other players, especially at the beginning of the wipe.

Oxum’s Gas Station GIF

Abandoned Supermarket

Like Oxum’s Gas Station, the Abandoned Supermarket offers a green card spawn and a recycler. The green card can be found in the left room of the building, while the recycler is located at the back. This monument is crowded at the beginning of wipes, as everyone tries to grab a green card or recycle quickly.

Abandoned Supermarket GIF


The lighthouse is one of the easiest places to find a green card. It’s located in the bottom floor office, accessible without any requirements. This location is ideal for the beginning of the wipe but also useful later. A recycler is found halfway up the lighthouse on the platform.

Lighthouse GIF


The green card can be found in a container at the top of the monument. This container is on a platform connected by a bridge to the recycler. The green card in Junkyard has a slow respawn time, so it’s not always guaranteed to be there.

Junkyard GIF

Abandoned Cabins

This underrated T0 monument is placed in a swamp, which spawns more Sulfur Nodes than any other place on the map. There’s no recycler, but you can find 2-3 brown crates and a poker table. You can also build your base inside the monument, allowing for fast progression by constantly collecting the brown crates and the green card.

Abandoned Cabins GIF


Green cards are crucial for getting a blue card and ensuring fast progression in Rust. By knowing the specific locations and taking necessary precautions, you can gather these cards efficiently and progress through the game’s challenges.

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