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Published January 1, 2024       3 minute read

RocketNode: A Year to Remember

Discover RocketNode's exciting journey in 2023! Our expansion across the US with Kubernetes, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, game hosting in Germany, London, Singapore, Sydney, and fun at Insomnia Gaming Festival. Celebrate over 1000 Trustpilot reviews and new panel features with us!

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RocketNode: A Year to Remember!

Hello RocketNode community! Let’s Look Back at Our Awesome 2023!

What a ride it’s been this year at RocketNode! Under the leadership of Lane Romano, our CEO, we’re super excited to share our journey with you. We’re super excited to share our journey with you. It’s been a year filled with cool new launches, fun events, and lots of love from you guys. So, let’s take it back and celebrate our shared victories.

Kicking Off in the US with Kubernetes

Guess what? We’ve launched Kubernetes hosting across all our US locations! If you’re scratching your head wondering what Kubernetes is, think of it as RocketNode gaining superpowers. These superpowers are all about making your gaming experience smoother, faster, and simply cooler. Imagine playing your favorite games with virtually no lag, faster load times, and a more stable connection — that’s the magic we’re bringing to the table.

Hello Europe: We’re in Germany and London!

This year, we took a significant step forward by expanding across the Atlantic. Our first stop was Germany, where we launched our game hosting services, bringing next-level gaming experiences to the heart of Europe. The excitement didn’t end there! We also made our mark in London with the introduction of our VPS hosting. This expansion broadens our reach and brings a diverse range of hosting options to our European community, a vision passionately pursued by Lane Romano.

Making Waves in Asia-Pacific

Our growth journey continued as we went global, venturing into the Asia-Pacific region. In Singapore, we enhanced the gaming scene with our new game hosting services, committed to delivering top-notch gaming experiences in every corner of the world. Following closely, we launched our services in Sydney, Australia, ensuring that gamers down under are also part of the fun and excitement.

Fun Times at the Insomnia Gaming Festival

Did you catch us at the Insomnia Gaming Festival? It was epic! We loved meeting you, talking about games, and sharing what we’re all about. Hosting our first IRL giveaways with you and giving back Your feedback and stories were the highlight of our year.

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Over 1100 Trustpilot Reviews – You Rock!

You guys have been absolutely fantastic, sharing over 1100 reviews on Trustpilot! Each review, brimming with your insights and experiences, has been like a virtual high-five for us. It’s incredibly rewarding to see your positive feedback, telling us loud and clear that we’re on the right track. We’re not just a hosting company! We consider ourselves part of a vibrant, passionate gaming community. And in this community, every player’s voice matters. So, as we celebrate this milestone of surpassing 1100 Trustpilot reviews, we promise to keep the momentum going!

Cool New Panel Features

We’ve been busy bees, upgrading our panel features to make things even better for you:

What’s Next?

We’re not stopping here! Looking ahead, we’re all about growing more, reaching further, and making sure you’re having the time of your life with our hosting. You’re the heart of RocketNode, and we’re here to make your gaming dreams come true.

Big thanks for being part of our RocketNode community. Here’s to an epic 2024!

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