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Published January 24, 2024       4 minute read

Understanding Palworld Server Requirements

Exploring the constraints of non-dedicated & dedicated Palworld servers, this guide highlights their maximum capacity of players, limited by RAM, CPU power, and network capabilities.

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Palworld, a popular multiplayer game, has captured the imagination of gamers worldwide with its engaging gameplay and unique world. As with any online game, running a Palworld server smoothly is crucial for an optimal gaming experience. This article delves into the server requirements for Palworld, focusing on the impact of RAM and CPU on server performance and player capacity.

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The Four-Player Limit on Non-Dedicated Servers

Technical Constraints

Running a Palworld server without dedicated resources means relying on personal computing capabilities, which are typically less powerful than those of a dedicated server. This limitation primarily arises from:

Gameplay Quality

Maintaining the integrity of the gaming experience is a priority. With more than four players, the strain on system resources in a non-dedicated setup could lead to significant lag, reduced game quality, and a diminished experience for all players involved.

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Comparing to Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are specifically designed to host multiplayer games like Palworld. They have more RAM, better CPUs, and higher bandwidth, allowing them to support more players simultaneously while maintaining high performance. This contrast highlights the limitations of non-dedicated servers and their capacity constraints.

Optimizing the Non-Dedicated Server Experience

For those hosting a Palworld server without dedicated resources, focusing on optimizing the experience for up to four players is key. This includes:

Importance of RAM and CPU in Palworld Servers

RAM: The Key to Player Capacity

RAM is a critical component in determining how many players a server can handle simultaneously. It’s the short-term memory of a server where the game loads all the necessary data for quick access. More RAM means more data can be stored and accessed rapidly, which is essential for a game like Palworld where multiple players interact in a complex world.

CPU: The Heart of Server Performance

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the heart of any server. It handles all the calculations and processes necessary to run the game. A powerful CPU ensures that these processes occur swiftly and efficiently, reducing lag and improving overall gameplay.

Upgrading for Future Expansion

As your Palworld server grows in popularity, it’s crucial to anticipate the need for more resources. Upgrading RAM and CPU, along with a robust network setup, can ensure your server stays ahead of player demands.


The server requirements for Palworld depend heavily on the expected number of players and the desired gameplay quality. Investing in sufficient RAM and a robust CPU, along with a stable internet connection, can significantly enhance the gaming experience for everyone involved. As the Palworld community grows, server hosts must be ready to scale their resources to accommodate the increasing demands of this vibrant online world.

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