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Published July 5, 2024       2 minute read

Palworld: Oil Rig Guide

This blog will show you how to conquer the newly added Oil Rig from Palworld.

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The Sakurajima Update introduces the challenging Oil Rig Stronghold, located southeast of Marsh Island. This guide will help you navigate and conquer the stronghold, find treasure chests, and maximize your rewards.



How to Beat the Oil Rig Stronghold

  1. Be At Least Level 50: Enemies here can reach up to level 55. Equip the best gear and be prepared.
  2. Equip Best Armor and Rocket Launcher: Use Legendary Heat or Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor and a Legendary Rocket Launcher for maximum damage and protection.
  3. Mount a Fast Flying Pal: Jetragon is ideal for evading turret attacks. Alternatively, use a swimming mount like Azurobe or Jormuntide to approach by sea.
  4. Disengage Artilleries: Deactivate turrets by touching their consoles to prevent future attacks.
  5. Destroy Gatling Guns on Foot: Avoid using mounts as they can take significant damage. Outrun the guns’ range before destroying them.
  6. Fight Enemies From Afar: Use ranged attacks or Pal skills to safely eliminate enemies.
  7. Search for Large Treasure Chests: Look for valuable items in randomly spawning large chests.


Treasure Chest Locations


Conquering the Oil Rig Stronghold in Palworld requires preparation, strategy, and the right equipment. Use this guide to navigate the challenges, secure valuable loot, and capture powerful Pals. Good luck on your adventure!

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