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Published June 27, 2024       2 minute read

Exploring Vault Loot Tables in Minecraft 1.21

Find out what the best loot you can find in the vaults is!

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Vaults are a new feature in Minecraft 1.21, offering players a chance to find valuable loot. Unlike regular chests, vaults can be looted once per player with a trial key. Standard vaults require a regular trial key, while the rarer ominous vaults need an ominous trial key.

Unlocking Vaults

To access a vault, players need a trial key. Regular trial keys are obtainable from trial spawners, while ominous trial keys come from ominous trial spawners, activated by drinking an ominous bottle.

Vault opening

Standard Vault Loot Table

Enchanted Books Categories

Ominous Vault Loot Table

Enchanted Books Categories for Ominous Vaults

Vaults and ominous vaults in Minecraft 1.21 offer exciting opportunities for players to find valuable loot. With different loot tables for each type, players can expect a variety of rewards, making the hunt for trial keys and vaults a thrilling part of the game. Keep an eye out for these new features and make the most of your Minecraft adventures!

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