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Published January 9, 2024       2 minute read

Hytale: What to expect in 2024?

Explore the current status of Hytale, a highly anticipated game by Hypixel Studios. This update delves into the game's development progress, focusing on engine updates, team expansion, creative reimagining, and the promise of a unique gaming experience.

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Hytale, the ambitious project by Hypixel Studios, has been a topic of keen interest in the gaming community. With its promise of a rich, blocky world full of adventure, creativity, and social play, Hytale aims to offer a unique experience. This update provides insight into the current status of the game’s development as we progress into 2024.

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Growth and Progress

Hypixel Studios has seen significant growth, expanding from a small team to over 110 members, with support from contractors, external partners, and Riot Games. This expansion has enabled the team to enhance their vision for Hytale, overcoming challenges and moving steadily towards their goals.

Engine Update and Creative Exploration

The team has successfully transitioned to a new game engine, focusing on performance, adaptability, and platform support. This transition has allowed for the creative re-exploration of the game’s world, Orbis, enhancing its lore, design, art, and code. The new engine’s capabilities are being leveraged to improve world generation, encounter design, and player experiences.

The World of Orbis

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Orbis, the setting for Hytale’s adventure experience, has undergone a comprehensive creative reevaluation. The team has revisited the history, creatures, and characters of Orbis, enriching the game world with deeper backstories and more sophisticated visual effects. This reimagining extends to the various factions within the game, including cultures like the Kweebecs, Trorks, Ferans, and Scaraks.

The Capital: A Hub for Players

Hytale introduces the Capital, a central hub for online social play. This space will serve as a meeting point for players to engage in various activities, including minigames, adventure discovery, trading, and showcasing achievements. The development of the Capital is a testament to the game’s focus on community and social interaction.

Looking Ahead to 2024

As 2024 unfolds, Hytale’s development is set to ramp up, with the team fully transitioning to the new engine and increasing their external playtesting efforts. These steps are crucial for entering full production, refining adventure experiences, and enhancing creator tools. The team’s commitment to responding to player feedback and creator needs is evident in their development approach.

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Hytale represents a blend of creativity, adventure, and community, all set in a richly imagined world. The journey of its development has been marked by growth, technological advancements, and creative reimagination. As we move further into 2024, the anticipation for Hytale continues to build, promising a gaming experience that is both familiar and refreshingly new.

For more information and updates on Hytale, visit the official Hytale website.

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