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Published May 5, 2023       5 minute read

How to Install Paper on Your Minecraft Server

This blog will provide a step-by-step guide on how to install Paper on a Minecraft server using RocketNode Hosting.

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What is Minecraft Hosting?

Minecraft is an open-world sandbox game where players mine for ores, build shelters, and fight off mobs that approach during the night. Players are challenged to survive and explore the landscape of the game.

In Minecraft some of the things you can achieve include fighting the Ender dragon, along with going to the Nether. Along with Vanila Minecraft there is an array of mods and additional plugins you can add to enhance your experience with friends.

Minecraft Hosting at RocketNode allows you to take full control and empower your community with our amazing Minecraft hosting solutions. Minecraft is a constantly growing game and we are here to provide you with affordable, reliable, and efficient hosting solutions with the best support team in the industry.

What is Paper?

Paper Minecraft is a modified version of the popular sandbox game Minecraft that is designed to run on dedicated servers. It is based on the open-source server software called Spigot, which is a fork of the Bukkit project.

Paper Minecraft offers several performance improvements over the vanilla Minecraft server software, such as faster chunk loading, improved tick rate, and reduced lag. It also provides additional features, such as a more powerful plugin API, customizable spawn points, and improved command handling.

Paper Minecraft is popular among Minecraft server administrators and players who are looking for a more stable and optimized server experience. It supports a wide range of plugins and mods, including those created for Bukkit and Spigot servers, making it a versatile and flexible platform for creating customized Minecraft servers.

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Why should I host my Minecraft Server with RocketNode?

Our Minecraft Hosting here at RocketNode is the fastest and easiest way to instantly deploy a Minecraft server. We offer two different packages, Budget and Premium.

Our Budget Minecraft Hosting includes:

Our Premium Minecraft Hosting includes:

Premium Industry-Leading Features

Our panel comes standard with three industry-leading features, which are considered premium features.

How to Install Paper

Once you purchase a Minecraft server with RocketNode, installing Paper for your Minecraft server on the RocketNode Panel is very simple, and takes only a few minutes.

  1. Login to the RocketNode Panel.

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  1. On the left side of the panel, under the Server Modification section, open the Version Changer tab.
  2. In the Version Selector, select the Minecraft server version you want your Minecraft server to be based on, in this case, we will be selecting Paper.

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  1. We recommend installing a newer version of Paper for your Minecraft server, but the version choice is completely up to you and your use case. Once you decide on a version, select Install under that version.
  2. The RocketNode Panel will ask you if you are sure you want to install this version of Paper for your Minecraft server. Remember that this will wipe your Minecraft server’s data, so please backup any files you may have on the RocketNode Panel. Click Install if your ready.

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  1. Your Minecraft server will begin installing your new Paper version.
  2. Open the Server Console in the RocketNode Panel.
  3. Accept the Minecraft EULA and allow your Minecraft server to boot up and finalize the installation of Paper.

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