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Published June 18, 2023       3 minute read

How to connect your domain with your Minecraft Server

Discover how to quickly connect your domain to your personal Minecraft Server through a speedy, easy solution that can be executed in mere minutes.

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Connecting your domain to your Minecraft Server through RocketNode’s gaming hosting services enhances your brand’s credibility, improves server accessibility, and fosters community engagement. By establishing a unique online identity, you can create a memorable and professional image while strengthening your online presence in the Minecraft gaming world.


Purchase a Domain

Before diving into the technical aspects, you’ll need to secure a domain for your Minecraft server. A domain is your unique online address, acting as a gateway for players to access your server. Numerous domain registrars offer a wide range of options at varying prices. Select a domain name that reflects your gaming community and resonates with your target audience.

DNS Management

For this guide, we’ll be using Namecheap as reference, but it should be similar for any domain provider that you choose.

Image 1

After you’ve created an account and bought a domain, head over to your Account dashboard.

Image 2

Upon clicking on the Manage button, you will be redirected to your own domain’s DNS Management page.

Image 3

Adding Records

Once you’ve gotten over to your Advanced DNS settings, click on ADD NEW RECORD in order to start configuring your DNS to link over to your Minecraft server right away! Firstly, you will have to add an A type record as shown below.

Image 4

Once you’ve selected the correct type of record, you will have to fill in the following parameters with the values specified:

Image 5

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you click the green tick on the right side to save your changes.

Additional Setup for a non-Dedicated Port (Optional)

If your server doesn’t have a dedicated port in place by buying our Dedicated Port Addon, make sure that you follow the following steps to make sure your server will be joinable.

You will need to add an additional SRV record in order to make sure your domain redirects your players to the desired port instead of the default one (25565).

Image 6

IMPORTANT: You might have to wait around for up to 1 hour for the new DNS settings to be able to propagate.


That’s all! You’ve just linked up your domain with your own Minecraft server.

In conclusion, connecting your domain with your Minecraft server is a crucial step in building your gaming brand and creating an immersive gaming experience. By using Namecheap and partnering with Rocketnode, you have the tools and guidance to easily connect your domain and unleash the full potential of your Minecraft server.

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