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Published July 26, 2023       3 minute read

Differences between QBCore and ESX

QBCore and ESX are the most popular frameworks for FiveM. We'll cover the differences between those two and help you choose the best one for you.

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While aiming for the same results, QBCore and ESX are 2 completely different frameworks for FiveM. We’ll cover all of the differences and help you decide which one of these 2 popular frameworks would suit your server’s needs best.

Development and Origins

QBCore and ESX both serve as the foundation for FiveM roleplay servers, but they have different origins. ESX has been around for longer and has been extensively used by the roleplay community since its release. QBCore, on the other hand, is a relatively newer framework, introduced to the scene to address certain limitations of ESX and provide a fresh approach to roleplay mechanics.

Customizability and Flexibility

One of the primary factors that set QBCore apart from ESX is its emphasis on customizability and flexibility. QBCore offers a more modular approach, allowing server owners to tailor their roleplay experiences to a greater extent. This level of customization permits the implementation of unique mechanics, businesses, and features, making each server stand out from the rest. Conversely, ESX is more rigid in structure, which can be advantageous for newcomers as it simplifies the setup process, but it may limit the creative potential of experienced developers.

Learning Curve

As mentioned earlier, ESX’s more straightforward structure makes it more accessible to newcomers in the roleplay community. Its relatively simpler learning curve allows individuals with limited programming experience to set up and manage their roleplay servers. On the other hand, while QBCore is more flexible, it may require a more profound understanding of scripting and programming to fully leverage its potential.


Both frameworks come with their own sets of pre-built features that cater to various roleplay scenarios. ESX offers a wide range of default features that include player housing, crafting systems, police and emergency services jobs, and more. While QBCore also includes several built-in features, its modular nature encourages server owners to pick and choose which features they want to include, avoiding unnecessary bloat.

Performance and Optimization

In terms of performance and optimization, even if QBCore is relatively newer, it has an edge due to continuous update and active developer team. It is still being worked on, however at the time of writing this article QBCore is far more superior performance-wise compared to ESX.

Community and Support

ESX’s long-standing presence in the FiveM roleplay community has garnered a massive user base. This vast community translates into a wealth of resources, tutorials, and support available for newcomers. QBCore, while growing rapidly, may not yet have the same level of community support. However, a growing user base also means fresh ideas and innovations.


In conclusion, the choice between QBCore and ESX ultimately depends on the specific needs and goals of the server owners and administrators. ESX remains a reliable and robust framework with a significant community following, making it a popular choice for newcomers and those looking for a stable and established foundation.

On the other hand, QBCore provides a more flexible and customizable experience, allowing experienced developers to create unique and innovative roleplay environments. Whichever framework is chosen, it is essential to consider factors such as customization requirements, development experience, and community support to ensure the successful establishment and growth of a server.

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