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Published March 27, 2024       2 minute read

DayZ Update 1.24: New Features & 2024 Roadmap

Explore the latest additions and exciting plans for DayZ in this breakdown of Update 1.24 and a look into 2024.

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DayZ, the gritty post-apocalyptic survival game, continues its evolution with the substantial Update 1.24. New tactical options emerge with a fresh firearm, while cosmetic additions and quality-of-life improvements shape a smoother experience. Alongside this update, Bohemia Interactive has unveiled exciting hints at DayZ’s development trajectory throughout 2024. Let’s dive into everything players can expect.

Image of new DayZ weapon from update 1.24: Image 1

DayZ Update 1.24: Key Changes

DayZ in 2024: The Roadmap

Bohemia Interactive has outlined a thrilling roadmap for DayZ throughout 2024, including:

What This Means for Players

Update 1.24 adds a new tactical dimension with the Bakir Rifle and its larger magazines, while laying a smoother gameplay foundation. The 2024 roadmap signals Bohemia Interactive’s continued commitment to evolving DayZ. Players can anticipate a richer survival experience with increased expressiveness, more weapon variety, and refined soundscapes that intensify the atmosphere of the harsh, unforgiving Chernarus landscape.


DayZ’s evolution continues with Update 1.24, offering tactical refinements and setting the stage for an even more immersive 2024. Long-time survivors and newcomers alike have plenty to look forward to as DayZ marches confidently towards an ever-expanding future of gritty, open-world survival.

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