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Published November 14, 2023       3 minute read

ARK: Survival Evolved - Turkey Trial Thanksgiving Event

Embark on a Thanksgiving adventure in ARK: Survival Evolved with our comprehensive guide to the Turkey Trial Event 7, unveiling exclusive items, Super Turkey hunts, and festive survival strategies in this limited-time celebration.

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As the holiday season approaches, ARK: Survival Evolved unveils its annual Turkey Trial event, bringing a festive atmosphere to the untamed world of dinosaurs. This guide will walk you through the intricacies of the Turkey Trial Thanksgiving Event 7, providing insights into new features, exclusive items, and survival strategies during this limited-time celebration.

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Understanding the Turkey Trial Event

Get acquainted with the Turkey Trial event’s background and purpose. Learn about the unique challenges and opportunities it brings to the ARK, including the appearance of the elusive Super Turkeys and the gathering of Wishbones, a special currency for event-related items.

Exclusive Items and Skins

Discover the array of exclusive items and skins available during the Turkey Trial Thanksgiving Event 7. From thematic costumes to decorative structures, explore the in-game rewards that capture the spirit of Thanksgiving in the world of ARK.

Hunting Super Turkeys

Embrace the challenge of hunting down Super Turkeys, special creatures that appear during the event. These turkeys are tougher than their ordinary counterparts but offer greater rewards. Equip yourself with suitable weapons and gear for a thrilling hunt.

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Gathering Wishbones

Wishbones are the coveted currency during the Turkey Trial event. Learn about the various ways to gather Wishbones, including hunting Super Turkeys, participating in event activities, and completing special challenges. Accumulate these valuable items to exchange for event-themed rewards.

Engage in event-related challenges to earn additional rewards and Wishbones. These challenges may range from cooking special recipes to surviving the wilderness during the event. Keep an eye out for in-game announcements and clues to uncover hidden challenges.

Cooking Special Recipes

Delve into the culinary delights of the Turkey Trial by cooking special recipes. Learn about the unique dishes you can prepare using event-specific ingredients. Experiment with cooking techniques to create festive feasts that not only satiate hunger but also provide special buffs.

Building Festive Decorations

Elevate the holiday spirit in your ARK base by crafting and decorating with festive items. From decorative turkeys to themed structures, infuse the Thanksgiving atmosphere into your surroundings and share the joy with your fellow survivors.

Staying Safe During the Event

While reveling in the festivities, don’t forget the dangers that lurk in the ARK. Be prepared for increased creature spawns, including the challenging Super Turkeys. Equip yourself with suitable weapons, armor, and medical supplies to ensure a safe celebration.

Server Settings and Multiplayer Dynamics

If you’re playing on a multiplayer server, familiarize yourself with any special event-related server settings. Some servers may enhance the event experience by adjusting rates or introducing unique challenges. Coordinate with your tribe or fellow survivors to make the most of the event’s communal aspects.

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The Turkey Trial Thanksgiving Event 7 in ARK: Survival Evolved brings not only challenges but also a delightful festive atmosphere to the prehistoric world. Use this guide to navigate the event, gather Wishbones, hunt Super Turkeys, and indulge in the seasonal celebrations. May your ARK adventures be filled with feasts, fun, and the camaraderie of holiday festivities!

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